from 2018 | study on people, with psychic discomforts | dès 2018 étude sur des personnes, avec des malaises psychique   1 comment

  • Our research will continue in 2018, this time we will reach people who have psychic discomfort, this research will be continued over 2 years.
  • The aim of this research is to treat people with psychic discomfort with Op art works.
  • Association Brain project is a non-profit organization


  • Notre recherche se poursuivra en 2018, cette fois nous toucherons les personnes qui ont des malaises psychiques, cette recherche sera poursuivie sur 2 ans.
  • Le but de cette recherche, c’est de soigner des personnes ayant des malaises psychiques avec des œuvres Op art.
  • Association Brain project, une organisation sans but lucratif.

Scientists Discover 11 Dimensional Structures That Could Help Us Understand How the Brain Works   Leave a comment

Scientists studying the brain have discovered that the organ operates on up to 11 different dimensions, creating multiverse-like structures that are “a world we had never imagined.”
By using an advanced mathematical system, researchers were able to uncover architectural structures that appears when the brain has to process information, before they disintegrate into nothing.
Their findings, published in the journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, reveals the hugely complicated processes involved in the creation of neural structures, potentially helping explain why the brain is so difficult to understand and tying together its structure with its function.

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thema Radiologie : France

thema Radiologie : France

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Tribune de Genève | 07.06.2017

Tribune de Genève | 07.06.2017

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24heures | 07.06.2017                                        24heures 

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À suivre, les recherches scientifiques sont en cours. Elles devraient livrer leurs premiers résultats en 2018.

Brain project news 1.3.2017

Our researchers have made very interesting discoveries,
Our research continues to make new discoveries between Op art and the brain

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